Make a good mark.

Sep 21

That awkward moment when: people don’t believe you’re sick because you’re so used to faking a smile that you almost sound chipper when asked how you’re feeling.

Aug 07

I live with vampires

Quit sucking all the life and motivation out of me, depression is not healthy and that is the only thing you have ever given me.

Jul 29

Silly rabbit I’m not always so loud, I’m just really enjoying the not currently being depressed part of my year.

Jul 16

Had a rediculusly great day today.

But part of me deep down desperately wants to forget the first half.

Jun 26


We live under God’s freedom! ♥♥♥


We live under God’s freedom! ♥♥♥

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May 31

Insert massive Owl bomb here.

Dear Crazy Cat Ladies…


I’m going to be a crazy owl lady when I grow up.

oh wait:

I already am.

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